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Sensory Theatre


The Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is now regarded as one of the most significant artists of the twentieth century. Severely injured in a bus crash in her youth, she took up painting when confined to her bed. Her life was changed forever by the accident and the portrayal of her body, wracked with pain, is a recurring theme in her paintings.


Combining theatre, live music and dance to create a spectacular experience that engages and interacts with the audience, bringing them into the world of the play.


Using the tastes of Mexico City, the vision of her work, the aroma of her time and the feel of the moment, Interplay create an effecting and moving portrayal of an artist who transcended her disability to make herself the work of art.


I was completely blown away.  It was incredible.  Stunning and so moving. From the moment we all  arrived in the room right through to leaving was just fantastic.  I have never been to anything like that before in my life.  It was visually stunning, the music was so beautiful, the whole thing was amazing.


Written: Greg Cullen 

Directed: Steve Bryne