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Daughter of the Wind

Inspired by the vivid story telling of the oldest chronicler of all, Ovid, Daughter of the Wind is an emotional journey of love and sorrow, perfect happiness and despair. Essentially a universal love story, Ceyx leaves his faithful wife, Alcyone, to visit the great oracle. Instead of choosing the safer journey across land, he decides to face the perils of the sea, against the protestations of his wife. Alcyone warns him that his life will be in danger, but eventually concedes when he promises to return to her before “the moon fills her silver orb twice”.

After a tearful goodbye he sets sail, but not half way through the journey a terrible storm wrecks the ship and all on board are drowned. Meanwhile Alcyone does not know that her husband has died and continues to pray to the goddess of the sky, Juno, for his safety. Juno eventually takes pity on Alcyone and sends his messenger, Iris, to break the news to her in a dream.

The next morning the heartbroken Alcyone sees her husband’s body floating on the waves and rushes to him. When she finds herself flying, beating the air with newly formed wings, she kisses her husband’s lifeless corpse and he too is transformed into a bird. They fly away and mate for life out on the water.