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Little Sure Shot Hits The Target!

Writer: Lauren Elcock


Little Sure Shot takes the audience back to the 19th century planes of Western America, with its guns, ukuleles, cowboy hats and plenty of Yee-haw’s!

The production follows the real life story of the fascinating character, Annie Oakley. It explores her many adventures: picking up a pistol at the age of 7 – to meeting the love of her life at a shooting contest aged 16 – to becoming the most famous female shooter in the West aged 21. She achieves all of this in spite of losing her father and being constantly victimised because she is a woman. This is a reminder that in order to achieve your ambitions, you must remain persistent and overcome the obstacles ahead of you – a very inspiring message to the young people in the audience.

Little Sure Shot combines the perfect mixture of adult jokes with silly behaviour. It clearly has pantomime influences, portrayed in the the actors provoking the audience to shout out their yes’s, their boo’s, and to clap along to the humble country music that is played live, on-stage, by a three-man band. This makes the audience feel very comfortable in intervening, for example in the scene where Frank (Annie’s sweetheart) proposes to Oakley, a woman in the audience screamed ‘say no!’ to which Verity Kirk, the actress whom plays Oakley replied ‘how dare you!’

It’s very refreshing to watch a play that commemorates an iconic female; a heroin, something that perhaps can be argued is a rarity within contemporary theatre. The comment that repeats itself throughout is that despite Annie pursuing a career in shooting, she is just as capable, if not more so, in this profession as her male components are. This relates the work excellently to a modern audience.

Overall, this is a very ‘fun’ play, which takes the audience on a motivational journey and keeps them captivated by it’s theatrical magic. If you’re looking for an exciting family tale that you can sing along to and learn a little bit of history on the way, then I strongly recommended that you take your time to go and watch this very heart-warming and humorous performance.

The play is being showcased in the West Yorkshire Playhouse from 15th April – 18th April 2015. Go and check it out!


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