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In the space this week … Manic Chord Theatre

So our main space, Mission hall, is buzzing with activity this week with the arrival of Manic Chord Theatre Company. They’re rehearsing their new show Treading Water which has been produced in association with Cast Theatre, Stage@Leeds and West Yorkshire Playhouse.

Treading water explores everyday sexism and preconceived ideas about gender differences. Here’s David, the writer of the show, discussing the prevalence of such a topic and why we should encourage an open debate on the issues:


“The debate surrounding gender equality runs deep with people. I cannot count the stories I have been told of derogatory comments or social pressures that people have endured… Treading Water aims to challenge this bigger picture. Gender equality is not solely a feminist issue as many perceive, it must begin as a conversation between genders. Men are lost. Women are hurt. Women are lost. Men are hurt. This will not change overnight.

As the writer of Treading Water, attempting to begin this conversation is a daunting one. Humour is a useful tool but one which must be used with caution. I am so excited and thrilled to see the cast and crew challenging themselves with this show and the text. As biased as I am, do not miss this being a part of this conversation.”


Treading water follows the story of a young female swimmer, who has a life goal of becoming an olympic gold medalist. However her aspirations are put on hold as he is engulfed in a media storm focussing not on her talent, or her athletic prowess but her genetic make- up.


Treading Water opens at Cast Theatre, Doncaster, on the 29th of Sept, followed by a performance at Stage@Leeds on the 16th Oct.


Good luck, show is sounding great!

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