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My Life With The Wave

4th-10th October 2021


When I left that sea, a wave moved ahead of the others. She was tall and light. In spite of the shouts of the others who grabbed her by her floating skirts, she clutched my arm and went leaping off with me.

– Octavio Paz –


My Life with the Wave is a multisensory installation that combines digital technology and emotive performance which place the audience at the centre of the experience. Inspired by Octavio Paz’ poem of the same name, Interplay Theatre has created an interactive and poetic experience that guides the curious-minded through an immersive underwater world.


My Life with the Wave takes the audience on a lyrical and mysterious journey into the unexpected and gives them a platform to look at theatre from a different perspective”, says Steve Byrne, Artistic Director at Interplay.


A wordless narrative told through movement and sensory exploration, the show is a tale of friendship and togetherness that must not be missed.