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A Jounery with Maude – Round-Up



We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank-you to, TakeOver Festival, York Theatre Royal and the National Railway Museum in helping us to bring Maude and her amazing stories to life!

Over the course of a week we welcomed over 170 people in tiny groups of five and six to share tea and cake and be part of Maude’s time travelling journey.

‘A Journey With Maude’ was particularly significant as it has enabled us to start to develop our next annual tour ‘Harold and Maude’. This touching coming-of-age piece explores themes of feeling like you don’t belong but want to belong, of not fitting in and feeling quite alienated from the world and all it’s exciting experiences. Set inside Maude’s house Interplay will be touring across the country celebrating Maude’s 80th birthday party. Watch as Maude teaches Harold all the great things in life, joy, laughter, learning and sorrow and join him on this adventure.


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Photo Credit: Callum McLeod

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