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Tarzanne tells the story of a young girl lost to the jungle as a toddler, growing up with an adoptive family of apes. A hidden heiress to a vast fortune, she is captured and sold back to her wealthy family. Will they be able to civilise this feral child?

Discover Tarzanne’s journey from the lush forests that raised her to the concrete jungle of the civilised world. Feel the rain drops flow from the trees, hear the melody of the bird song and the scents of the flora as you’re engrossed in a tale of two contrasting societies.

Interplay, the National Centre for Sensory Theatre, have worked for over 45 years to create a special kind of theatre that engages the senses, bringing interactive storytelling within immersive environments to your school.

“Enthralling, moving and inspiring” – Jack Tizard School

“It felt like we were in the performance” – Yewstock School

– One to one interaction from performers highly experienced in working with audiences with special educational needs

– Live music brings the story to life through emotive rhythm and movement

– Our 360º theatre environments place the audience at the centre of the experience and create an interchanging world directly in your school

– Interactive storytelling that naturally encourages audiences to play, create, investigate and explore

One of Interplay’s bespoke theatre environments.

How To Book

Tarzanne is available to book now for dates June – July 2017. If you’d like more information or to make a booking you can contact us in several ways.


Call: 0113 263 8556


Email: tour@interplaytheatre.co.uk


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